Video Interrogation of a Zeta in Tamaulipas (“Video de interrogatorio de un Zeta en Tamaulipas”)

Video de interrogatorio de un Zeta en Tamaulipas

Video File Title: Video de interrogatorio de un Zeta en Tamaulipas

Accessed February 26, 2011:

Ostensibly Produced by: Gulf Cartel

Targeted Organization: Los Zetas

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Warning: Video contains images of violence. Viewer discretion is recommended.

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Video de interrogatorio de un Zeta en Tamaulipas


This interrogation video was recorded in the back of a parked vehicle using a single alleged Zeta captive. His hands have been bound behind him. The camera is trained upon him for the entire interview, except for a few points where daylight is visible through the car windows.

The amateur approach to this production can offer insight into what lower level operatives may view as the essential components of an interrogation video: establishing the prisoner’s name, his place of origin, organizational affiliation with the Zetas, amount of payment he receives, humiliation by insulting the prisoner and his organization, demonstrating dominance by advertising the kidnapping and slapping him, and accusing the Zetas of coming to terrorize (literally, “vienen a terrorizar”) the people of Guerrero, Mexico. Although captives who appear in interrogation videos are typically executed, no execution appears on this clip.

The video exhibited Name Calling (filthy, dog, bastard) much like others of higher production value, but its focus on the individual prevented maximum exploitation of the Testimony technique (where the prisoner would be poised as an informant on the inner-workings of the Zetas). Accusations of terrorizing the people of Guerrero may constitute Card-Stacking if they are already terrorized by the Gulf Cartel (both organizations are well known to be quite blood thirsty, and both widely inspire terror among Mexico’s public).

The captive appears to be a low-level member of the Zetas. He looks like a substance abuser. Essentially, he appears to have been a convenient target of little strategic significance. The video appears to have been made very quickly after his apprehension. It did not appear to have been designed with great forethought. Nonetheless, the captive’s obvious fear and loathing make the clip emotionally compelling. Los Zetas are likely to think something along the lines of, “There but for the grace of God”… and will feel provoked toward vengeance against the Gulf Cartel using similar videos disseminated through social media.

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