Interrogation of Zetas Workers (“Interrogatorio a Trabajadores de Los Zetas”)

interrogatorio a trabajadores de los zetas

Video File Title: interrogatorio a trabajadores de los zetas

Accessed July 25, 2010:

Targeted Organization: Los Zetas

Produced by: Unknown

Released: as late as July 24, 2010. has posted the file in the past. It also is posted here for reference.

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Interrogatorio a trabajadores de los Zetas


This video is an interrogation of two alleged zeta operatives (one male, one female) at gunpoint. The prisoners appear sitting against a wall, but may be kneeling. They face and look into the camera. The barrel of a shotgun is visible throughout most of the video, as is part of the interrogating operative holding it. The gun remains pointed near the male prisoner’s head. The gunman’s head never becomes visible. He stands near the male prisoner and at times almost over him. In turn, the male prisoner leans slightly away from the operative throughout most of the interrogation, giving an impression that he feared being harmed by the gunman. The cadence of exchange is rather quick and measured. There appears little thought before answers are submitted unhesitatingly. The prisoners appear very serious and forthcoming in their responses, and offer no visible resistance. No violence appears on the video.

The video is devoted to a detailed interrogation. The Zetas, and in particular these individuals, are painted rather convincingly in terms of their opposition to state authority, in particular the Glittering Generalities of police and legal figures they testify to coerce into cooperation. Like many narco-videos, it relies on the Testimony technique, and perhaps more convincingly than most. Ostensibly actionable revelations about Zeta activities and conspirators (including names) are the central thrust of the dialogue. It doesn’t really matter whether the prisoners have been coached or coerced into such testimony… all alleged conspirators named by these prisoners are now at greater risk of state repression, not to mention enemy operatives. A secondary purpose appears to be an effort to re-attribute unpopular attacks to the Zetas. The divulged information supposedly relates to Zetas operations in multiple plazas, including Torreon, Matamoros, and Tampico. While Zeta activities in Torreon could concern several enemy organizations (particularly the Sinaloa Cartel) due to its geographic centrality, Matamoros and Madero (Tampico) are in Tamaulipas – an area which the Zetas and the Gulf Cartel were disputing intensely at the time of this video’s dissemination. Although the producers do not overtly identify themselves, the information divulged here appears most likely to advance the territorial interests of the Gulf Cartel.


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