Gulf Cartel Sicarios Interrogated (Aqui Interrogado a sicarios del C.D.G.)

Aqui Interrogado a sicarios del C.D.G.

Video File Title: Aqui Interrogado a sicarios del C.D.G.

Ostensibly Produced by: Los Zetas

Targeted Organization: Gulf Cartel

Released: as late as March 23, 2012.[1]

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Aqui Interrogado a sicarios del C.D.G.


Three captors – presumably Zetas – are visible in the interrogation. They wear body armor, supply belts, baseball style caps, and masks. They are armed with AK 47s pointed in a general downward direction toward four kneeling Gulf Cartel prisoners whose hands appear bound in front of them. The camera is held by a fourth Zeta. Two of the armed Zetas stand behind the prisoners, all of whom face the camera. The remaining visible zeta appears to be the interrogator. He stands on screen right and faces screen left, overlooking the prisoners from their left side. The Gulf prisoners are dressed casually; one is missing a shirt. The overall quality of the video and audio is poor.

The video is focused upon establishing non-randomness of the imminent executions through confessions that reveal the guilt of at least one of the prisoners. It also suggests the Gulf cartel, and not the Zetas, were responsible for attacks against local authorities. The Gulf Cartel captives appear to implicate themselves in a planned kidnapping in the area of Ciudad Victoria. No violence appears on the video.

The audio and video quality of this clip is rather poor. Most observers will not take the trouble to play and re-play the clip to determine what is being said. The effectiveness of this propaganda may have been compromised considerably.

The poor audiovisual aspects of this video, the unnaturally rigid question-answer format, and the lack of depicted violence are typical of earlier videos from Mexico’s drug war. It is uncertain how long prior to its date of access the video was actually produced. It may have been released or re-circulated at this time as part of an accelerated propaganda volley between the Zetas and the Gulf Cartel.


[1] Accessed March 23, 2012:

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