Omar Treviño, alias Z42

Narco-message Volley Focused Upon Los Zetas Leadership Succession

There has been a crisis of leadership succession following the arrest of Miguel Treviño (alias Z40), leader of Los Zetas. Naturally, there are ambitious individuals within the Zetas who may be … Continue Reading →

Zetas tirando cadaveres Cadereyta Nuevo leon

Zetas and the Cadereyta Atrocity (Zetas Tirando Cadaveres en Cadereyta Nuevo Leon)

Video File Title: Zetas tirando cadaveres Cadereyta Nuevo leon Ostensibly Produced by: Los Zetas (see below) Targeted Organizations: Gulf Cartel, Sinaloa Cartel, and the Navy, Army, and government of Mexico (see below) … Continue Reading →

commandante diablo sicarios

Commandate Diablo and the Gulf Cartel Spread Terror in Tamaulipas

Video File Title: Sicarios muestran sus acciones en Tamaulipas Ostensibly Produced by: Gulf Cartel Targeted Organization: Los Zetas Released: as late as May 7, 2012.[1] Warning: Video contains images of … Continue Reading →

Alleged image of Z40 following his capture on July 14, 2013

Image Disseminated as Evidence of Z40′s Capture (Updated)

Previous image of Z40   Media are reporting that Miguel Treviño Morales (alias Z40), leader of Los Zetas, has been captured alive approximately 27 km from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. At … Continue Reading →


“Christmas Gift” from the Zetas to the Gulf Cartel

Video File Title: Christmas Gift from the Zetas to the Gulf Cartel Ostensibly Produced by: Los Zetas Targeted Organizations: Gulf Cartel; Cartels United Against Los Zetas [Gulf Cartel; Sinaloa Cartel; … Continue Reading →

chapo narcomanta 7-11-13 cropped

Message from El Chapo to Z40: Gulf-Sinaloa Alliance Confirmed

Ostensibly Produced By: Sinaloa Cartel Targeted Organizations: Los Zetas (enemy); Gulf Cartel (ally) In the first week of July 2013, narco-messages were displayed publicly in the city of Nuevo Laredo, … Continue Reading →