miguel angel trevino

Miguel Treviño Phone Extortion Attempt – Audio

File Title: miguel angel trevino el zeta 40 extorsionan via telefonica Accessed March 1, 2011: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JViQ9Mk3wcM Ostensible Producers: Unknown Targeted Individual: Miguel Treviño Morales (Los Zetas) We encourage you to visit … Continue Reading →

Execution of a Zeta

Execution of a Zeta by Garrote (“Has Patria Mata a un Zeta”)

File Name(s): Has Patria Mata a un Zeta Accessed July 12, 2013: http://www.mundonarco.info/2012/01/video-semanal-del-narco-ejecucion-de-un.html Targeted Organization: Los Zetas Ostensible Producer: Unknown We encourage you to visit Mundonarco.com, an important drug war blog that has … Continue Reading →